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Mitch: Berry Challenge has been greenlit!


Thank you so much for your support!
We’ll do our best to deliver a good product and we’ll be also adding steam achievements and possibly more content!

We don’t have an actual release date yet but we’ll be announcing it as soon as possible.

Thanks again for all your help! After this more and better games will come so follow us when you get the chance!!

Muchas gracias a todos por su apoyo!!!

Vamos a estar trabajando firmemente en la versión de steam! Agregaremos logros y probablemente también un poquito más de contenido. Haremos lo mejor posible para que disfruten de un buen juego estilo retro.

Todavía no tenemos clara la fecha en que saldrá el juego, pero les avisaremos en cuanto tengamos eso claro. Estimamos que dentro de 3 meses el juego estará completo y listo para ser publicado, pero es una fecha sujeta a cambios.

Agradecemos nuevamente su apoyo. Ahora es un juego pequeño, pero los siguientes serán más grandes y mejores! Así que sígannos para enterarse de las últimas noticias del estudio y nuestros juegos!!

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Air Jump (for speedrunners) and Demo!


We have added the ability to jump after attacking on a ledge.
The Attack doesn’t really pushes you forward, as you’ll stop accelerating once you activate it. But attacking on a ledge while running will give you extra time to make a jump while this action is still active. It will only last until the the attack animation ends so you’ll have to master the timing in order to take advantage of this ability.


You won’t need this ability to complete the game, but if you intend to finish the game faster than anyone or get all the secrets on the game, you’ll have to master it.

By the way, we have just released a demo version of the game! Is rather short, but you can also try the local multiplayer which will give you some extra hours of fun! You can also unlock a multiplayer arena and another Iguana to play!.

Check it out here:
Our target price for the game is $3.99 if you’re wondering. That includes all the features of the game.

Thank you once again for all your support!

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Mitch: Berry Challenge Soundtrack is available!


The game’s soundtrack is finally out!

Listen to it Here

Thank you so much once again for all your support!

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Mitch: Berry Challenge Music


Hello there!

Mitch: Berry Challenge features a completely original soundtrack we’ll be uploading some tracks on the upcoming days! Feel free to check them out and enjoy the tunes! There’s a lot of inspiration from retro games there, but we tried hard to give them an authentic feel. Something that really fits within the gameplay and the overall setting.

Here’s the game’s main theme:

And here’s another track from the OST!

Be sure to follow our Youtube Channel for more Soundtrack samples!

Thank you once again for all your support!

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Russian Translation


We have added Russian to our Language Selection!

Here’s a screen:


Thank you for your support!

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Gameplay Details


Hi there!

Here are some details on the game’s jump mechanics.

Controlling a Quadruped feels completely different as controlling a Biped. But it’s mostly because it’s hard to imagine where you’re actually standing. You don’t really know where the collider is, so you have to imagine you’re standing on a platform and if you rely only on colliders when making the character’s controller, you’ll end up with a character that easily falls on a pit if the player can’t imagine well where’s he standing.

So, with this in mind, we decided it was best to give the movement and the collision detection of the character a little bit of “margin error”. That would make it easier for the player to know where he lands and where he is standing. This means that, even if you thought you would fall on a pit, you’ll probably still be able to jump after a few milliseconds, giving you more control over the character and thus making controls more precise. This happens a lot when trying to jump from a ledge in many games, so this addition made the gameplay feel way more solid.

here’s a little example, you can see how the character falls a bit off the ledge and jumps.


Some minor Announcements (that will probably become major announcements in the future) :

– We’ll be soon adding Russian to our language selection so please stay tuned for the announcements!
– We will be adding Steam Achievements but we will only do that after getting the game greenlit so we didn’t feel it was needed to add on the description at the time being.
– Linux will also be supported in the future, but we don’t have a certain date for that. We will let you know when that happens.

Thanks for reading and thank you once again for all your support!

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