Mitch: Berry Challenge

Mitch: Berry Challenge is a Lighthearted Retro inspired 2D Platformer with classic and simple controls, challenging levels, hand drawn animations and a fully composed soundtrack.
You’ll play as a Green Iguana from the Goain Tribe. The tribe’s most important treasure has been stolen and you, Mitch, must go to the island where it was taken and bring it back. Collect all the yellow berries on each level to complete them, race against the clock and battle against two bosses in this charming adventure.

This game was previously released on OUYA, but it has been fully reworked for PC and Mac.

  • Easy to understand controls so anyone can play!
  • Over 30 levels.
  • Two boss fights.
  • A Hidden blackberry in each level.
  • Competitive local multiplayer up to four players.
  • Retro inspired rewards(Unlock Multiplayer Arenas, Character Skins or some little visual changes yet to discover by progressing in the game!).
  • Frame by frame animations and a pleasant artstyle.

Local Multiplayer

Play against your friends and family in this carefully crafted local multiplayer experience. Collect yellow berries and be the one that grabs the most! But be careful, keeping those berries safe is a difficult task, there will be random hazards all around and the more berries you have the more vulnerable you’ll be! Up to 4 players can join in this berry madness!

Support us on Steam by downloading this demo and voting for the game!The game will be Updated Soon and you’ll be able to buy a DRM Free version of the game at $3.99!! If you buy the game earlier and the game gets greenlit, you’ll get your Steam Key as soon as the game releases on Steam.

Thank you

Thank you so much for checking out our game. Your support will help us making greater and more unique experiences in the future.
We hope you enjoy this game and have fun as much as we did while making it!.


Available Now on Windows, OSX, Steam, Playjam Network and Forge TV

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